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ESRI Insider

  • Helpers in the Sustainable World Community

    Helpers in the Sustainable World Community

    It’s easy to be discouraged these days. Every day, critical habitats are fragmented, communities are shattered by conflict, and essential natural resources are squandered. But remember what Mr. Rodgers said about bleak world news: “Look at the he…
    - 30 Jun 17, 11:00pm -
  • The Science of Where for Sustainable Development Webinar Series

    The Science of Where for Sustainable Development Webinar Series

    - 15 Jun 17, 8:50pm -
  • Wish You Had an Easy Web App to Save Millions?
    By Florian Brandi-Dohrn, AED-SICAD Connecting renewables to the grid is a complex workflow and process for utilities. For instance, where does one place outlets for electric cars without endangering grid stability and energy provision security? Or, f…
    - 7 Jun 17, 10:30pm -
  • Share Your Work for the Plenary
    As the Esri User Conference fast approaches, I need your help to put the finishing touches on my plenary session slides. They’re fantastic, but from my discussions with many of you about your fabulous work, I get the sense there’s … Continue re…
    - 2 Jun 17, 11:57pm -
  • Digital Transition vs. Digital Transformation
    Recently, my wife had heart surgery. It was the most amazing technological procedure imaginable. Talk about digital transformation. Robots, fiber optic cables, micro cameras, and digital imagery made it possible for surgeons to go inside her heart an…
    - 1 Jun 17, 1:29am -

ESA News

  • newWeek In Images

    Week In Images

    Our week through the lens: 21 - 25 May 2018
    - 3 hours ago, 25 May 18, 1:15pm -
  • newStudent Hyperloop motor tested at ESA

    Student Hyperloop motor tested at ESA

    Dutch students due to compete in Elon Musk’s high-speed ‘Hyperloop’ challenge this July subjected their motor module to near-vacuum conditions within ESA’s technical heart.
    - 4 hours ago, 25 May 18, 11:51am -
  • newSentinels modernise Europe’s agricultural policy

    Sentinels modernise Europe’s agricultural policy

    In a move that could benefit around 22 million farmers, the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy has entered the space age. Offering detailed and timely information on crops and farmland, the Copernicus Sentinels are now being used to simplify and mode…
    - 6 hours ago, 25 May 18, 10:00am -
  • newEarth from space

    Earth from space

    This week's edition features one of the most active volcanoes in the world: Mount Mayon in the Philippines
    - 8 hours ago, 25 May 18, 8:05am -
  • First light for the storm hunter

    First light for the storm hunter

    As the International Space Station flew over the Indonesian coast of Sumatra on an April night, lightning from a thunderstorm reached the upper layers of the atmosphere and its light show was captured by ESA’s latest observatory in space.
    - 2 days ago, 23 May 18, 11:56am -

Digital Geography

  • openrouteservice v4.5 is released
    We’re happy to announce the release of v4.5 of openrouteservice, which exposes unique services for two of our core API’s, routing and isochrones. Now you can restrict routes to avoid crossing borders and get instant population counts on isochrone…
    - 80 days ago, 6 Mar 18, 3:55pm -
  • QGIS 3 officially released
    On 24th of February, the QGIS developers have officially released QGIS 3 (codename “Girona”). It is the third major version of the free and open source cross-platform GIS software. In this post, I want to tease you with the most important infos a…
    - 88 days ago, 26 Feb 18, 8:09am -
  • Short Announcement: OpenWhateverMap
    Choosing a basemap for your cool web map is always crucial for the style and perception of your map. A colorful basemap like watercolor might be stunning but also interfering with your data visualization. In contrary a grayish basemap might look a bi…
    - 6 Feb 18, 12:21pm -
  • ArcGIS Online (AGOL) for free: The Developer Way
    You might have heard of ArcGIS Online (AGOL) already: ArcGIS Online is a complete, cloud-based mapping platform. Make and share beautiful maps, and do everything in between. It’s possible only with ArcGIS Online, a scalable and secure software-as-a…
    - 26 Jan 18, 2:06pm -
  • Service Areas, Traffic and QGIS
    Our author Riccardo recently published an article on GeoNet where he described the traffic aware analysis of service areas (isochrones) in ArcGIS Pro with the analytical support of ArcGIS Online. I searched for a way to do something similar in QGIS.…
    - 17 Jan 18, 9:12pm -

GIS Point


Open Streetmap Blog

  • Wochennotiz Nr. 408

    Wochennotiz Nr. 408

    08.05.2018-14.05.2018 Der Munin-Zugriffsgraph für Apache auf zeigt den Rückgang der Zugriffe auf nach der Aktivierung der Weiterleitung auf Port 443 auf 1 | Bild: munin.o…
    - 3 days ago, 22 May 18, 2:03pm -
  • Rückblick auf das Berliner OSM-Hackweekend 04/2018

    Rückblick auf das Berliner OSM-Hackweekend 04/2018

    Am Wochenende des 14. und 15.04.2018 fand in Berlin ein OpenStreetMap-Hackweekend statt. Nach einer Pause im letzten Jahr öffneten sich die Türen an einem neuen Ort. Das Interesse ist erfreulicherweise sogar gestiegen mit insgesamt 30 Anmeldungen.…
    - 3 days ago, 22 May 18, 8:33am -
  • Wochennotiz Nr. 407

    Wochennotiz Nr. 407

    01.05.2018-07.05.2018 Newcastle upon Tyne, Vereinigtes Königreich – OSM-Daten als Kunst 1 | © ItoWorld © Kartendaten OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende Mapping Das Proposal zum neuen Tag spacing=* zur Abstandsbestimmung in 1D-Tags erhält auf der Mailing…
    - 11 days ago, 14 May 18, 9:32pm -

Open Geospatial Consortium Blog

  • MSC GeoMet 2.0: public access to Canadian meteorological and oceanographic data
    Contributed by: Tom Kralidis & Alexandre LerouxAs a national meteorological service, the Meteorological Service of Canada’s (MSC) mandate is to ensure Canadians are equipped to make informed decisions on changing weather, water, and climate condit…
    - 14 days ago, 11 May 18, 12:45pm -
  • OGC’s Orléans TC Meeting: “Things coming together"
    Rue Jeanne d'Arc and the Saint-Croix Cathedral in the beautiful city of Orléans, France. The end of any Technical Committee (TC) meeting marks the run-up to the next one, but before I look ahead to our future meeting, I’d like to do a bit o…
    - 31 days ago, 24 Apr 18, 11:55am -
  • London’s #WomenInGeospatial Breakfast
     As part of the global celebration of International Women's Day on March 8, OGC along with AGI & Geovation, coordinated a ‘Women in Geospatial’ breakfast at London’s Geovation Hub.  OGC’s Marie-Françoise Voidrot (left) and Dr Kathe…
    - 32 days ago, 23 Apr 18, 4:50pm -

Geoinformatics News

    Geobranchen News

      GIS News Deutschland

      • World Challenge Finland 2018
        UN, NASA WorldWind und ESA haben wieder einen Wettbewerb ausgeschrieben, „an opportunity for students, academia and industry to deliver brilliant innovative solutions for world peace, health, ecology, education and sustainability in theRead More...
        - 1 day ago, 24 May 18, 2:35pm -
      • Neuausgabe DIN 19115-1/A1 „Geoinformation – Metadaten“
        Mit Ausgabedatum 2018-06 ist die DIN EN ISO 19115-1/A1 „Geoinformation – Metadaten – Teil 1: Grundsätze – Änderung 1 (ISO 19115-1:2014/Amd 1:2018); Englische Fassung EN ISO 19115-1:2014/A1:2018“ erschienen. Diese internationale Norm legtR…
        - 7 days ago, 18 May 18, 5:34am -
      • Aktuelle Luftbilddaten für Hessen

        Aktuelle Luftbilddaten für Hessen

        Hessisches Landesamt für Bodenmanagement und Geoinformation legt neues Bildflugprogramm für 2018/19 auf. Das Hessische Landesamt für Bodenmanagement und Geoinformation (HLBG) in Wiesbaden legt zur Aktualisierung der amtlich zertifizierten Luftbild…
        - 16 days ago, 9 May 18, 4:58pm -

      DLR Youtube Channel

      Mission Flugexperiment: Die DLR-Forschungsflotte

      - 1 day ago, 24 May 18, 11:33am -
      DLR-Trailer zur Mission horizons von Alexander Gerst

      - 2 days ago, 23 May 18, 10:58am -
      Die Zeitkapsel: Video mit Alexander Gerst

      - 3 days ago, 22 May 18, 3:37pm -

      - 7 days ago, 18 May 18, 12:57pm -
      Animation: La mission Hayabusa2 avec l´atterrisseur MASCOT

      - 7 days ago, 18 May 18, 7:40am -
      Animation: Asteroidlander MASCOT on board Hayabusa2

      - 9 days ago, 16 May 18, 2:10pm -

      Information is Beautiful

      • Ten 3 Metre Interactive Data-Visualizations in our First Digital Exhibition

        Ten 3 Metre Interactive Data-Visualizations in our First Digital Exhibition

        We were honoured to be invited to provide an interactive data-exhibition for the recently opened, Rem Koolhaas-designed Qatar National Library. Simultaneously a public, academic and research library, QNL is a beautiful, light-drenched arena dedicated…
        - 35 days ago, 20 Apr 18, 7:45pm -
      • Who Owns Spotify? The Spotify Billionaires.

        Who Owns Spotify? The Spotify Billionaires.

        Spotify edges closer to a float on the stock market with a valuation of between $6-$20 billion. Who will most likely be receiving a slice of the cash windfall? Our best estimates and guesses – visualized. No surprises that the big four record-compa…
        - 60 days ago, 26 Mar 18, 5:15pm -
      • Intermental – A Glossary of (Possible) Tech-Induced Mental Disorders [INTERACTIVE]

        Intermental – A Glossary of (Possible) Tech-Induced Mental Disorders [INTERACTIVE]

        Infogestion. Ampulsivity. Dingeing. Is tech creating new states of consciousness & behaviours? Recognise any? Vote for any you recognise and we’ll return with an analysis of our findings. » Click our ‘charticle’ obsessively
        - 1 Feb 18, 3:49pm -
      • Rhetological Fallacies [INTERACTIVE]

        Rhetological Fallacies [INTERACTIVE]

        An interactive list of logical fallacies & rhetorical devices with everyday examples. Now in nine languages. Floss that brain. Never be duped again! » See the graphic
        - 23 Jan 18, 10:10am -
      • Wikipedia’s Lamest Edit Wars 2018

        Wikipedia’s Lamest Edit Wars 2018

        Aluminium or Aluminum? “Gas” or “Petrol”? Should a photo of a giant spider really be placed in the entry for ‘arachnophobia’? Explore some of the longest, lamest edit wars on Wikipedia in this interactive infographic. » See the graphic
        - 15 Jan 18, 5:20pm -

      USGS Remote Sensing News

      DLR Earth Observing

      • Windenergie: Innovative Schwingungstests an Rotorblättern

        Windenergie: Innovative Schwingungstests an Rotorblättern

        Mit 100 Kilogramm zieht und drückt ein sogenannter elektrodynamischer Schwingungserreger an dem 20 Meter langen SmartBlades-DemoBlade. Das Rotorblatt schwingt mit einem Ausschlag von 50 Zentimetern an der Blattspitze. Diese Bewegungen mit allen Mate…
        - 1 day ago, 24 May 18, 12:10pm -
      • Baden-Württembergische Wissenschaftsministerin Bauer besucht Reallabor Schorndorf

        Baden-Württembergische Wissenschaftsministerin Bauer besucht Reallabor Schorndorf

        Busfahren nach Bedarf statt Fahrplan- das erproben die Partner des Projekts "Reallabor Schorndorf“ gemeinsam mit den Bürgerinnen und Bürgern in der östlich von Stuttgart gelegenen Mittelstadt. Ziel des Projekts unter Leitung des Deutschen Zentru…
        - 2 days ago, 23 May 18, 2:01pm -
      • Mit Laser dem Klimawandel auf der Spur

        Mit Laser dem Klimawandel auf der Spur

        Die Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment-Follow-On (GRACE-FO) Mission ist am 22. Mai 2018, 21:47 Uhr gestartet. Der Missionsbetrieb wird vom German Space Operations Center (GSOC ) beim Deutschen Zentrum für Luft-und Raumfahrt (DLR) im Auftrag des…
        - 2 days ago, 23 May 18, 8:15am -

      Landsat 8

      • May 23, 2018 - Landsat 9 OLI-2 Instrument Focal Plane Integration
        Photos recently shared by Ball Aerospace in Boulder, CO show technicians working on Landsat 9’s Operational Land Imager-2 (OLI-2) instrument in the cleanroom during focal plane integration. The focal plane is where OLI-2 detectors are located and w…
        - 2 days ago, 23 May 18, 2:52pm -
      • Landsat MSS Collection 1 Data Now Available

        Landsat MSS Collection 1 Data Now Available

        Landsat 1-5 Multispectral Scanner (MSS) Collection 1 Level-1 data are now available to download from the USGS Landsat archive.  The addition of these data into the collection inventory structure that was first implemented in 2016 ensures a consisten…
        - 9 days ago, 16 May 18, 3:04pm -
      • Reminder: 2018 William T. Pecora Award Nominations Accepted through June 15, 2018
        The William T. Pecora Award is presented annually to individuals or groups that have made outstanding contributions toward understanding the Earth by means of remote sensing. The Department of the Interior (DOI) and the National Aeronautics and Space…
        - 10 days ago, 15 May 18, 1:44pm -

      Another GIS Blog

      • Esri Developer Summit 2018

        Esri Developer Summit 2018

        See me live and in-person at the Esri DevSummit 2018!Tomato's optional.Like Pokemon, you gotta catch them all.Copyright AJC
        - 8 Feb 18, 12:00pm -
      • ArcGIS API for Python

        ArcGIS API for Python

        Sorry for not posting folks, but I've been busy working on the ArcGIS API for Python. For those who don't know I wrote ArcREST with another colleague of mine, Mike.  Since the announcement of the ArcGIS API for Python, we have decided to retire ArcR…
        - 10 Jul 17, 9:00am -
      • Microsoft Compiler for Python 2.7

        Microsoft Compiler for Python 2.7

        Doesn't everyone hate this message: Microsoft Visual C++ 9.0 is required (Unable to find vcvarsall.bat).I sure do, and I solved it by downloading a helpful program from Microsoft!  Don't believe me, just google it!  Install Microsoft's compiler fo…
        - 14 Dec 16, 3:48pm -

      USGS Remote Sensing News

      Latest Landsat Images

      devils tower jan2010
      devils tower jan2010
      - 19 Nov 12, 6:03pm -
      northern myanmar April 2010
      northern myanmar April 2010
      - 19 Nov 12, 3:40pm -
      Arkansas Delta
      Arkansas Delta
      - 16 Nov 12, 9:40pm -
      southern keys
      southern keys
      - 9 Nov 12, 6:27pm -
      Great Barrier Reef 2006
      Great Barrier Reef 2006
      - 8 Nov 12, 7:57pm -
      - 18 Sep 12, 4:08pm -

      Oracle Spatial Blog

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